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Available advertising packages.

We offer website views/visitors and banner ads. We'll drive volumes of visitors to your site as we market ours until we've delivered the purchased quota of views you ordered. To ensure the target is met we'll let the figures exceed the quota ie, 1000 may run up to 1150 views.


Our banner ads rotate in four ad zones across our public and member site. Both function slightly different, public domain banners refresh on arrival and remain in view per visitor. Whereas in the member area banners rotate as members and guests navigate pages.

Select Advertising Campaign


Upon making a selection click buy now, PayPal will open in a new window. Once payment is complete

you'll be taken to our ad order form. Fill in your ad details and send that in to us. You'll be taken

back to this page. Please allow up to 24 hours for your campaign activation email.




Your website is displayed in prime position, our promotions page. This page is viewed by our potential customers and members.

Visitors stay on your site for 20 seconds!




Get your banner rotating on 4 ad zones. Positioned at the header & footer on our public and members area for 30 days!

Banner size accepted 468/60 only!


DISCLAIMER: Although we can't guarantee signups or sales on our part, we guarantee we'll deliver the quota of website views and banner ad duration purchased. Upon completion of website views we'll send you your website view stats to the contact email address you provided when completing your order. Upon completion of banner ad campaigns we'll send a notice informing you your banner ad duration is complete upon expiry date.

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